Podcast Ep 03 – Grinding the tarmac with Neil McLagan

Episode Summary

I feel like today’s guest – Neil McLagan was made from the same material as me, we share so much in common with regards to cycling and the way we approach life and diabetes.

Neil has cycling in the blood and his passion for cycling comes out in the great things he does, last year he cycled across Australia and now he is tackling the height of Mount Everest in a single ride and all for the good of the Type 1 Diabetes community.

Talking shop with Neil

Without telling you Neil’s story, we go into the planning, challenges, and highlights of crossing Australia on a bicycle, lets just say there was a massive amount of work that went into the ride in the 12 months leading up to it as well as his life with type 1 diabetes.

Take a look at the links below for all of the great “oversharing” (Neil’s words) socials Neil has as well as the link to his everesting campaign raising funds for Insulin for Life.

I love Neil’s message – Don’t let Type 1 be your reason why not… go out and get it!

Before we stuck into this exciting podcast, check out some of the photos from Neil’s adventures and please don’t forget to subscribe to My Lazy Pancreas so you don’t miss out on our future episodes.

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Thanks for listening and I wish you #stablebloodsugars always!

One of Neil’s favorite snacks on the ride – Cheese!
Care packages sent ahead – Macadamias, Jerky, Salt and Glucose
A great early morning view greeted Neil every day on the ride
On the road – Thinking outside the egg carton
Bacon to go –  a great tip I also used on the Munda-betes campaign
Ballooning legs are not good for progress
A loving hug from family when Neil arrived in Sydney
The not so scenic Nullabour 90 mile straight
Taekwondo discipline helping manage diabetes – mentally and physically

Links Mentioned in this episode

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Follow Neil on Instagram @neilmclagan or facebook @https://www.facebook.com/crossfort1