Podcast Ep 04 – Diabetes in the fast lane with April “Apes” Welsh

Episode Summary

Today I met up with Type 1 racing ninja – April Welsh at Barbagello race way in Wanneroo, Western Australia.

April “Apes” Welsh is slowly becoming a female superstar in the world of Formula Vee motor sport, living with Type 1 Diabetes most of her life, she has fought hard to earn her place. “Control diabetes and don’t let diabetes control you” is April’s motto.

We had a great chat about her life with sports & Type 1 diabetes, and how she came to become the first female to race formula Vee motor sport.

Ape’s Formula Vee 1200cc – Lucky number #33

I feel April has a great outlook on life challenges including those curve balls that Type 1 diabetes likes to throw at us, not only is she positively managing her disease but also planning an active role in the Type 1 community.

In case you miss it in the podcast, April also extends an invite out to kids and young adults living with Type 1 to come and say hi if you are at any of her races – she would be happy to chat and give you the inside view of racing life.

There were two really important things I took out of our conversation and these are two things April tells her self often;

Control Diabetes and don’t let diabetes control you” – So true, if you want to pursue goals without letting D interrupt then you need to put in the effort to learn how to control it.

Just bloody drive it!” – I think this is applicable to so many situations in life and sometimes we need to tell ourselves this to get us out of our own head.

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Thanks for listening and I wish you #stablebloodsugars always!


April racing at Barbagello race way
Team #33 – April’s lucky number
Get out of your head and “Just Bloody Drive It!”
Novo Nordisk team slogan – Changing Diabetes
Always willing to share the experience
Round 7, 2017 – Sometimes blood glucose just does not want to behave
Just like D, sometimes we hit rough patches

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