Podcast Ep 05 – Doug Masiuk is out running diabetes

Episode Summary

Using the wonders of the internet, I connected up with USA based endurance runner – Doug Masiuk from outrundiabetes.org.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years has not stopped this man chasing his goals in any way, in 2012 he decided to run across the American continent, racking up some 5 and half thousand kilometres, then in 2015 after discovering the thrill of cycling he cycled across the American continent…same distance…different challenges.

Doug successfully reaching the Western Australian / South Australian border

Then came a change of scenery in January 2019 when he came to Australia with a goal of running across the Australian continent. After enduring the vast emptiness of the Nullabour and 40 plus degrees heat he made it to the South Australian border however he was forced to pull out due to injury.

With a rolled ankle and his hip injury slowly eating away at his pace and distance each day, he stayed motivated making it to South Australia racking up 1,500km.

He has never let diabetes get in the way of his achievements and this journey was no different, he had many blood sugar related challenges along the way but not letting any of those challenges alter his drive to achieve his goals resonates with me and I hope provides some inspiration to those listening.

Happy to reach the border after the vastness of the Nullabour

If your keen to follow Doug on all his adventures, you can connect with him via the following mediums as well as other links mentioned in the show;

I hope you enjoy this episode, it was a pleasure talking to Doug and who knows we may meet up in person for another chat later in the year when he returns to Australia for round 2.


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