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Cumulative Burnout

A scary thing happened to me on Friday night, for the week preceding it I have been getting this stabbing pain in my left shoulder, higher than normal heart rhythms and episodes of shortness of breath, Friday night it all came to a head when I was taken away in an ambulance from my house…

Team Work

This morning was all about team work, we put all of our bickering, fighting and arguments into the past, we shook hands and agreed to be mates, we executed our plans within reason, we worked together when it got tough and we respected each others boundaries and limits.

We had been planning to do this for a while so we had our contingencies in place, the only problem was, we were entering the unknown…

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Glucose, it could be the difference between life or death

…slowly I could feel my senses returning, what was that feeling all over my body, it was cold and wet it ran down my back and my front as I lay there on the floor, I was drenched in my own sweat, slowly I started to get motor control back in my fingers, then I regained control of my eyes, slowly opening them I felt like I had been out partying and drinking all night…my head was spinning and my eye sight was all drowsy, sitting up trying to regain composure, I looked around me and there was my wife and my 3 children sitting around looking at me with horrified looks…