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Podcast Ep 02 – Fitness in the limelight with Sabrina Dee (PINked)

Episode Summary

On today’s episode, we caught up with Deeva and fitness legend – Sabrina Dee. Thanks to Kapitol Kitchen for looking after us for this episode.

Catching up with Sabrina

Sabrina puts on some kickass shows with her PINked tribute band, bouncing around the stage working on her ‘stage fitness’ but it doesn’t stop there, when she gets home its off to her local CrossFit box to power through some epic WODs (workout of the day) and even competing in CrossFit masters games.

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Podcast Ep 01 – Underwater obsessions with Bec Johnson

Episode Summary

Super excited to introduce you to Bec Johnson – CEO of the Type 1 Diabetes family centre and otherwise known in my blog as my friend ‘The Mermaid‘, she is an incredible human who really lives the #lifewithoutlimits motto smashing out long distance solo open water ocean swims, scuba diving in very remote and incredible locations, mountain biking and sailing.

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The glory of not giving up

Giving up is the easiest thing to do, it requires minimal thought and zero effort and that is why it can seem like the easiest option when things get tough.

I felt like yesterdays off-road triathlon (X-Adventure) in Dunsborough was a good test of resilience for me, right from the start of the day I was put to the test and it didn’t seem to get any easier as the day progressed.

Tapering with Type 1

Tapering is a well known method used amongst athletes in the week leading up to big sporting events, it allows the body to rest in preparation for a big all out effort at what ever event it is.

If you have not picked it up yet from my ramblings, exercise is a key driver for helping to maintain good blood glucose control and changes to my exercise ‘routine’ can bring about difficulties with control, so now with less than a week to go before I race the off road triathlon, my tapering needs to begin.